Vendex Midlands 2019

Vendex Midlands 2019 presented a fantastic opportunity to welcome the very latest  member to our coffee family, LINEA by Crane.  Built on Crane’s reliable coffee platform, LINEA delivers Barista-style coffees, an intuitive interface, excellent serviceability and commonality of parts.

Crane also showcased other enhancements to its product range. In response to current demand to reduce single use products, we demonstrated CALI without cups, more eco-friendly than ever! Also the ever increasing demand for flavoured coffees was satisfied by ICON with two syrups! 

Last but not least, we presented BevMAX and Merchant MEDIA2 for the first time. MEDIA2 has a larger touch screen that engages consumers with suggestive selling, digital advertising and full-motion video that drives multi-product sales.

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